We work with a number of companies around the UK (and the world for that matter). Below are a list that we know provide great service:

Academic Proofreading: If you are looking for proofreading services, Academic Proofreading Services provide the following services:

breakdown recovery and roadside assistance in Kent

If you are looking for breakdown recovery, vehicle recovery and roadside assistance, Annett Autos provide the following services:

manuscript editor

If you are looking for a manuscript editor Helen Sewell, an experienced book editor provides the following services:

memorial plaques

If you are looking for a stone mason who can supply and install bespoke headstones, gravestones & memorial plaques, Artisan Memorials provide the following services:


Are you a relationship therapist looking to do some relationship therapy CPD? Or perhaps you’d like to undertake a relationship therapy diploma. Whatever your relationship therapy training requirements, Affinity Psychotherapy Academy run a range of masterclasses and a diplom as part of their therapy training courses.:



Are you a coffee lover looking for something different from the usual to enjoy your favourite brew at home but with the flair of having it made for you by a barrista in a coffee shop? Well Lost Sheep Coffee pods is just what youve been looking for: